Mid-winter solstice

As the winter nights draw in, there’s nothing quite like the warmth and cosy glow of a wood burner gently radiating its comforting heat. As I placed another log on the fire, I found myself reminiscing about my personal journey with Commodore and Amiga computers. It all started back in 1980 when I was contemplating… Continue reading Mid-winter solstice

On the Plus side

It’s already March as I sit down to write this update. While the year is flying by so fast world events continue to make depressing reading with wars, political disharmony and general discontent. Fortunately, in our Amiga sphere things are looking much brighter with numerous hardware and software developments covering all colours of the Amiga… Continue reading On the Plus side

Christmas Present

It’s Christmas and mid-summer in New Zealand and as we come to the end of another year it’s pleasing to see the return of multiple Amiga shows around the world. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a few of them following the relaxation of New Zealand covid-19 travel restrictions. Although some Amiga events like Amiwest… Continue reading Christmas Present

Spring/Fall edition

Living in New Zealand but originating from the Northern hemisphere does cause a certain level of seasonal confusion. I will never get used to a Christmas summertime. In New Zealand we are now heading into autumn but March will always mean the start of springtime to me. For a hemispherically challenged person like me it… Continue reading Spring/Fall edition

Christmas Present

With 2022 fading fast I can’t believe this is only my second blog of the year. Apart from ongoing work commitments I do have a number of excuses for my lack of updates. These included, finishing off the Vultures to Vampires trilogy, attending Amiga37 in Germany, writing my regular bi-monthly column for Amiga Future magazine… Continue reading Christmas Present

Summer greetings

While the Northern Hemisphere is suffering under a sweltering heatwave, so far the New Zealand winter has been wet, windy and wild. It’s hard to believe this is my first blog of 2022. Where have I been, you may ask? If you are a reader of Amiga Future magazine you will know I’ve been heads… Continue reading Summer greetings

Lockdown, part 2

Over the past couple of weeks New Zealand entered into another snap lock-down caused initially by one community cases of the covid-19 delta variant. So what does an Amigan do when he is locked up at home again? I know, work on volume two of the Vultures to Vampires book. To be honest I though… Continue reading Lockdown, part 2

Follow your bliss

I can’t believe it’s already June and I’m just posting my first blog of the year. I do have some excuses. The book I’m co-authoring with David Pleasance does take up a lot of my spare time although that is not the only reason for my tardiness. Several of the companies I’m directly involved with… Continue reading Follow your bliss

Kickstarting out of Lockdown

It’s been a while since my last update but, with the Covid-19 pandemic still dominating world news and events, it looks like my plan to attend various international Amiga 35 events will definitely be cancelled this year. Most of the shows I was planning to attend have at best been delayed, or at worst cancelled… Continue reading Kickstarting out of Lockdown