Mixed Bag

Monday Blues I have to admit that some days I feel a bit like that “bloke” (man) in an old Derek and Clive comedy sketch. For younger and non British readers Derek and Clive were an irreverent comedy double act played by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, based on their more sanitised mainstream “Pete and… Continue reading Mixed Bag

Interesting Times?

Minty Goodness Anyone who has been following my blog knows that recently I’ve been very busy writing the GNU/Linux installation guide for the AmigaOne X1000. Thanks to the dedication of several “A1-X1000 “First Contact” owners and in particular Irishman Pat Wall, the guide has had several re-writes to cope with the additional PowerPC Linux distributions… Continue reading Interesting Times?

eXciting times

Xena Warrior Princess correction,  AmigaOS Developer! This is the story of one developer’s quest for redemption of past sins as a Windows programmer by using his formidable coding skills to help the AmigaOS community! Lyle Hazlewood – Xena coder Ahem, back to reality……….. I’ve been playing around with “blinky” quite a lot recently. That does… Continue reading eXciting times

The Reluctant Penguin

Over the past few months I’ve been heavily involved in helping to port various GNU/Linux distributions to the AmigaONE X1000. My role has been to test each installation created by our Linux gurus and write the user installation guide. If I have to be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of Linux – there… Continue reading The Reluctant Penguin