Back to the Future

Westward Bound (travelling east ;-))

I’m writing this blog as I sit waiting in Wellington airport on my way to AmiWest. Only three flights away and almost a day back in time before I arrive in San Franciso tomorrow, before I take off today. Air travel across the International date-line can be so confusing.

International date-line

It’s a bit like:

“Think of a number, double it, add on 10, divide by 2 and take away the number you first started with!

Actually, it’s at time like this when I’m travelling with a PC Netbook I could really use an “Amiga” laptop or Netbook. If only my MorphOS PowerBook had wifi support.

Thanks for the Memory

AmigaONE X1000 betatester, Dr. Larry Keller drew my attention to a “new” product on the AMD website. Now I won’t have a bad word said against AMD, the developers of the RadeonHD GPU technology that we use to power the A1-X1000 graphics, but it is rather ironic that a feature that all Amigans take for granted and dates back to the mid 1980s is heralded as a major new development.

AMD RamDisk

I am of course talking about the Amiga Ram disk drive. AMD new version is called the AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk and according to their website it “is designed to put PC users more in control of what is stored in their RAM – enjoy the ability to create virtual drives that can offer maximum security, extreme performance and a seamless user experience. The result – an affordable drive with no moving parts at a cost you can afford.” You can read more about it on the AMD Website

I wonder if AMD will make it recoverable, like Perry Kivolowitz of ASDG did waaaaaaaaay back in 1986 with the RRD? If you are a reader on Amiga Future magazine you may have seen my article on ASDG and how sales of the RRD helped to keep the company afloat in their early days. Anyway, it’s amazing that the “old dog” can still teach the “youngsters” a few tricks. 😉

The eye of the beholder

A1-X1000 background

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed but A-EON has released some nice posters and backdrops recently. These works of art are the genius of Kevin Saunders, an Australian graphic artist and Amiga enthusiast.  I just throw a few vague ideas at Kevin and somehome he make sense of my mad utterings. He is also the talent behind the new AmigaOS mouse mat graphic, which is now being turned into a wall poster by Amiga Future. I’m really impressed with his latest set of workbench backdrops for the A1-X1000. You can download them from his website.

Opps better go, they have just called my flight! 😉