New Year Countdown

To celebrate the upcoming New Year festivities we commissioned EntwicklerX to create a special CANDI animated Workbench to count down the hours, minutes and seconds to New Year’s Eve wherever you are in the world. As usual Thomas and Frank have outdone themselves and the result is the Fireworks CANDI countdown theme.  All registered Workbench CANDI owners can download the Fireworks CANDI free of charge via AMIStore.

Workbench CANDI Seasonal review: Video – grabbed from an AmigaOne X1000 equipped with a RadeonHD 7xxx series graphics card using an Elgato HD60. Original music and remix courtesy RayneLeafe.

Countdown to New Year's Eve celebrations

Wishing all Amigans, whatever flavour or persuasion, a very happy, prosperous but most of all, peaceful New Year.